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Appointment/Contact Information

We would be happy to talk with you regarding scheduling an appointment for you or your family member or to answer any questions you may have.  When scheduling an appointment for a child to see the therapist, it is our policy to schedule the first appointment as a parent only appointment.  This allows the parent to give a full history to the therapist.  We typically schedule three appointments on weekly or bi-weekly intervals to get the therapy process started.  It is helpful to have your calendar handy prior to speaking with the staff.

New clients are asked to email, fax or bring with them to their first appointment the following: 

- Current health insurance card 
- Driver's license or other photo ID
- If the address on the photo ID does not match your current address, please provide some form of correspondence showing the current address (ie: utility bill, phone bill etc.)

Please contact our office at the phone numbers listed to the left, in the contact section of this page.   Our staff is available Monday through Thursday 8a-4p; and Friday 8a-12p.  We also have a 24 hour answering service who are always happy to take a message and will forward it to our staff .  Someone will get back with you as quickly as possible. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


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Helpful Forms

Click here to view and print forms for your appointment.